The Modern Heritage Festival

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The Modern Heritage Festival


Al Shaheed Park continue with their fabulous concerts this November, presenting for the 3rd year running, The Modern Heritage Festival, a series of concerts to acquaint the new generation with its heritage presenting in a modern way, aiming to bridge the gap between generations and promote the importance of both local and Arabic heritage.


November 8th: Aziza

Aziza is a Lebanese singer and songwriter whose musical world combines classical Arabic Tarab rules of composition, with Pop music. This puts her in a stylistic category of her own, labeled: Tarapop.

Aziza's love for music and the performing arts started early on at the age of 3 singing alongside her father at events and participating in school and university musicals.

In 2010, her talent gained recognition by the renowned music academy Studio Al Fann; awarding her the Golden Medal for the Tarab category.

As-Safir Newspaper described her as the "reviving sound for classical oriental and tarab music."

Aziza's self-titled debut album was released in 2014.

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November 11th: Mutrif Al Mutrif

Mutrif Al Mutrif was born in Kuwait. His late father, Yousef Al Mutrif, was also a singer.

Mutrif started his musical journey at a very young age, singing to a group of his friends and family members. He then decided to join musical “jalsat” in order to gain a fan base. His father discovered Mutrif’s talent at a later stage, as he wanted him to keep his primary focus on his studies and not music.

He then went on to sign a record deal with Rotana, and earned first place in the GCC Music Festival in 2013

He learned how to play the Oud in the United Arab Emirates, and appeared in “Adaniyat” in 2014.

He has over 12 singles and 2 albums, with the 3rd album being romantic music videos.

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November 24th: Suad Massi

Often cited as one of North Africa’s greatest female singer, Souad Massi is back on tour in a new program alongside two stage companions and friends, the percussionist Rabah Khalfa and the guitarist Medhi Dalil.

Souad Massi’s reputation is forged on a solo career that now stretches back some 15 years. It is one that is driven by a fierce, politically-inspired determination and upholds the values of freedom in its constant fight against injustice. Her songs are imbued with love, bravery and protest against the intolerance in today’s world.

In this new concert, Souad Massi will sing titles from her sixth studio album El Mutakallimûn (Masters of the Word), created as a response to threats, and in which she brings back to life a set of Arabic poems that date back to the sixth century. Through the eloquent beauty of her voice, she has sought to remind the world of the creativity and acceptance that was prevalent in previous Muslim generations.

She will also present a selection of some of the greatest songs from her back catalogue such as ‘Yemma’ (Mummy I lie to You), Deb, Amessa (A day will come), ‘Hayati’ (My life).

The musical connection between Souad Massi and her musicians is nothing short of telepathic. Complemented by a deep love and respect for each other, it is with evident happiness that these three appear on stage once again.

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November 30th: Crew Percussion

Crew percussion is A high energy percussion show that utilizes unconventional instruments such as tether balls, buckets, barrels, ladders, water bottles, tennis balls and much more. The group has been performing throughout San Diego country for two decades, crew percussions has performed in various theme parks, corporate shows, community events, San Diego padres games, chargers blood drives, and much more.

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